All About DIY Dogs Play

What’s DIY Dogs Play?

Our New DIY Dogs Play programme features two separate, floodlit, secure dog runs which can be hired for your exclusive use. Choose from either 30mins or one-hour slots, between 8am and 10pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our runs have not only been designed to suit the needs of your dog - but for your needs as well, each run has over 200m of perimeter paths; which means that within a 30 min slot you can easily cover 1km - without getting muddy feet and an average-sized dog chasing a ball from a thrower can happily cover a healthy 4km (as measured by Fitbit & Fitbark).

We have an easy-to-use online booking system with dates and times for you to book the exclusive use of either run, at a time that best suits you and your dog/s. The maximum occupancy for both runs is 3 dogs per booking.

Perimeter fencing is just under 2m high. We think this is enough to secure most dogs, but if yours likes to climb (believe us, you'll know if you they do!) be aware that a 2m high fence may not be enough to keep them in the run.

Our two runs are designed to comply with COVID lockdown guidelines. This means that in any future lockdown scenario, your entire family bubble - as long as you're with your dog - will legally be able to exercise using this facility for your exclusive booking period. Please remember to check all the latest government guidelines before booking at DIY Dogs Play.

DIY Dogs Play

Why & How We Set Up DIY Dogs Play

We are a family business that's been providing supervised dog daycare for over five years. We have a 5-star license issued by the local council and we care for as many as 48 dogs playing within a large, single-pack environment.

Our four-legged Dogs Play guests play within a range of indoor, outdoor, all-weather and secure grass runs and are fully supervised at all times by animal-care-qualified staff, at a ratio of 1-8.

Over the last five years we’ve frequently been asked if we could rent out our facilities to dog owners. But because they’ve been in constant use, this just hasn't been possible.

In March 2020, COVID 19 changed all that...

Along with the rest of the country, we found ourselves closed for 11 weeks. But from the outset of that first lockdown, we worked hard to make it possible - and safe - for all our daycare customers to reserve isolated time-slots for their own dogs-play and exercise. We were fully booked in no time - and we learned lots from observing and interviewing users of the new 'Do It Yourself' service. All of the great feedback helped us design and build DIY Dogs Play!

DIY Dogs Play

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